The Story of Harry Potter (All Years) in 3 Minutes! | ArcadeCloud

Just in time for the Crimes of Grindlewald, we summarized ALL of the Harry Potter series in less time than it’ll take you to learn what your Patronus is in some online quiz.

The ENTIRE Story of Harry Potter (All Books) in 3 Minutes! | ArcadeCloud
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Animator: Paul Zito
VO: Mitchell Haerle
Writer: C.F. Boes

43 Replies to “The Story of Harry Potter (All Years) in 3 Minutes! | ArcadeCloud”

  1. In number 7 Voldemort doesn’t kill Harry, he kills the part of his sole in Harry (cause he’s a horcrux). Harry goes into a coma for several hours whilst in ‘Kings Cross’ talking to dumbledore.

  2. Abverabveranver askabanabvera harriedifada ruferdufinduf dumberborrefuferfu Voldemort. And that's Harry Potter so far in 3 min.

    That's all I got out of this video.

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