The Only PERFECT Overpowered Mentor – Dumbledore from Harry Potter

JK Rowling memes aside, Dumbledore is a brilliantly written overpowered character, is the only one Voldemort feared, and one of my favorite aspects to the Harry Potter world.

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42 Replies to “The Only PERFECT Overpowered Mentor – Dumbledore from Harry Potter”

  1. I always enjoy your philosophical meanderings, Nux. It would be magnificent to see another such expedition, especially premised upon the musings of someone clearly so profound in thought and well-written in character. (I was tempted to write this in an overly sarcastic manner, but have chosen not to in favor of expressing my sincere appreciation and opinion on the matter.)

  2. Dumbledore has been gay for quite a while now Idk why people are reacting to it now. The seventh book did have strong hints about it I mean.

  3. It is also a testament to his OPness that he did not only die, but he CHOSE to die. As if it would've proven him any challenge to live. But he chose to die to further his own plan – while making Voldemort think that everything was going according to Voldemort's plan.

  4. I love Dumbledore myself but I don't know how come nobody suspected a "beardless" as in, unmarried, this chatty silver-bearded gent that insists on stiring up drama through his antique collection; and keeps wearing fabulous morning robes and tea gowns around school grounds.

  5. I honestly don't get why people are making fun of Dumbledore "suddenly" being gay. I think J.K. Rowling already said this like 6 or 7 years ago so it's really nothing new. Granted, all this "this character is gay and this character is gay" is just virtue signalling.

  6. That's an amazing thought I never really considered. For all that Dumbledore never really taught magic too Harry, he knew; Power will come with time, it may even grant more time with power, but what's most important to learn isn't magic but man (particularly one's self)

  7. You know what's funny? Dumbledore knows slight of hand.

    Think about it. What use would street magic be to a sorcerer?

    Unless, say, you wanted to make something appear or disappear without alerting another well trained magic user. Or wanted to do it to impress another magic user, faking the mental use of a spell they'll never recognize. Like Newt being given that card for the first time in Crimes of Grindlewald. And imagine if they asked him about it.

    "What spell did you use to do that?"
    "I used no spell to make this appear"
    "COR' BLIMEY!"

  8. I thought Snape changing his patronus animal was tragically beautiful. There was so much J.K. Rowling did right with this series, I'm as happy that she managed to make so much money off of book sales as I am sad that she fits into an aggressively small bracket of author's (male or female) that actually manage to turn a significant profit off of their popular written intellectual property.

  9. He is serious? Dumpledore was always useless to me.. Harry Potter is not that great for me… Is ok but not great.. Dumpledore did nothing special in the story.. The school was so dangerous and also was ready to let Harry to die

  10. We doing favourite HP quotes?
    "You've got dirt on your nose btw, did you know?" – Hermy G

    "Not my daughter you bitch" – Mamma W

    "Muggles? They don't see nuttin' do they" – "No but if ya stab em with a fork they feel it." – Stanny and the shrunken head

    "What do you mean that's the wrong hole?" – Ronnie W

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