The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Extended Edition)

This Extended adventure follows Bilbo Baggins, who is swept into an epic quest to reclaim Erebor with the help of Gandalf the Grey and 13 Dwarves led by the legendary warrior, Thorin Oakenshield. Their journey will take them through treacherous lands swarming with Goblins, Orcs and deadly Wargs, as well as a mysterious and sinister figure known only as the Necromancer.
Although their goal lies to the East and the wastelands of the Lonely Mountain, first they must escape the Goblin tunnels, where Bilbo meets the creature that will change his life forever…Gollum.
Here, alone with Gollum, on the shores of an underground lake, the unassuming Bilbo Baggins not only discovers depths of ingenuity and courage, he also gains possession of Gollum’s “precious” ring that holds unexpected and useful qualities…A simple, gold ring that is tied to the fate of all Middle-earth in ways Bilbo cannot begin to know.

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  1. I think its bs that I have bought all these movies on youtube and now after being able to watch them for about 2 months I can't watch them from the youtube app on my xbox anymore….wat the hell is up with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  2. Are you telling me I have to pay 17.99 to watch this extended version one time? I don't want to buy the damn movie I just want to watch it. Ridiculous

  3. The Hobbit is better than LoTR, though I enjoyed them both. It's not as dark and just a lot more fun to watch. The Hobbit is a grand adventure. LoTR takes itself way too seriously. And Bilbo may be the greatest adventure hero of all times. Move over Duke.

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