The Harry Potter Tour of Edinburgh

In 1993, JK Rowling moved to Edinburgh, Scotland and it was there she wrote a huge chunk of the Harry Potter novels, including where she finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So, in this video I thought I would take you guys around some of the places that are either linked to J.K. Rowling or gave her inspiration for the novels. I hope you enjoyed this video, and thank you for watching!

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16 Replies to “The Harry Potter Tour of Edinburgh”

  1. Amazing video!! I was watching some of your videos then saw this and had to watch it I love Harry Potter!πŸ’• Will definitely have to go there some time!!😊

  2. I'M SOOOOO JEALOUS THAT YOU ARE THERE!!! I wish I could go there!!:D I subscribed and liked because I'm a small youtuber too and I know how important the support is! <33

  3. Omg what a cool place!! It's like you're walking the footsteps of J.K.Rowling πŸ’“ Bizarre how Tom Riddle's name came from that graveyard !!

  4. This is so interesting, I'd love to go to Edinburgh and see all this! Especially the hotel! Don't think I'll be able to find Β£1000 to stay there though, so thanks for filling us in on the writing on the wallπŸ˜…

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