Unexpected Harry Potter Transformation!

Unexpected Harry Potter Transformation!

Unexpected Harry Potter Transformation! Voldemort’s origin story isn’t quite what you expected. #StudioC #BYUtv

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Cast: Matt Meese, Mallory Everton, and James Perry
Director: Luiz Malaman and Jason Gray
Producer: Luiz Malaman
Line Producer: Tess Kelly
Writer: Jason Gray
Editor: Trent Woolford

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Unexpected Harry Potter Transformation!

harry potter characters as vines

harry potter characters as vines

hi y’all

it’s me your cinnamon roll olly back here

im officially on vacation with hope that i’d be able to do more stuff for you:)

(spoiler alert: i have another video edited, but i’ll post it after theres 10k peeps so subscribe lmao)

hope y’all are living your best lives and also happy pride dorks!!!

lot’s of love, olly

in case you want to check if im still alive or just wanna chat


Lego Harry Potter and the Poorly Written Sequel

Lego Harry Potter and the Poorly Written Sequel

Holy shit, this took a Sirus-ly long time to make.

My deepest apologies for the long wait on this video, but I hope you all really enjoy it, and think it was worth the wait. (It probably isn’t). Thank you once again to the taleted voice cast for agreeing to be in this trash.


FlapJack Films

Phantom Arcanist:

Flynnsda Flynner

Also guest staring a bunch of co-workers, whom I don’t think have YouTube channels

Music used:

Harry Potter soundtrack by John Williams

Hedwig’s Theme DJ AG Remix

Retreat by Jason Farnham

Shape of You (Instrumental) by Ed Sheeran

Sexy by Bensound

Spring by Antonio Vivaldi

Night Music, The House of Leaves, and Deep Horrors all by Kevin Macleaod


Mystery by GoSoundTrack