SHINY FOUNDABLES in HARRY POTTER WIZARDS UNITE!? Brilliant Fantastic Flora and Fauna Event!

INTRODUCING BRILLIANTS! Could these be Shiny Foundables?
The newest event – Brilliant Fantastic Flora and Fauna!
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Shiny Pokemon are such a huge part of Pokemon GO and brilliants could be the very same concept in Harry Potter Wizards Unite! Hopefully they hit a homerun with this upcoming Brilliant Fantastic Flora and Fauna event to give players something very rare to search for!


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Fantastic Flora and Fauna: First In-Game Wizards Unite Event!

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20 Replies to “SHINY FOUNDABLES in HARRY POTTER WIZARDS UNITE!? Brilliant Fantastic Flora and Fauna Event!”

  1. Shiny / Rare Foundables are coming to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in the form of BRILLIANTS! The first event for the Brilliant Forbidden Forest is coming very soon and we may see our first glimpse at a Shiny Equivalent to Harry Potter Wizards Unite.

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  2. I got to experience firsthand harry potter: wizards unite and I gotta say, the mechanics are good. I got a notif from google play since I preregistered the game and I am from the philippines 😊

  3. Hey aDrive I just wanted to say thank you for uploading original content and spreading positivity.I also love ur shiny hunts so good luck for the future.

  4. Why does it matter about brilliants? We can’t show them off or use them for anything. They should concentrate on dueling and pvp. No one cares about shiny pictures in their book.

  5. Makes me wanna play, but I never read the books and I'm just a casual fan of the movies. :U
    It looks a bit more complex than Pokemon go, but I am torn between if I should give it a shot or not. Either way, I like these videos you're putting out abt this game.

  6. Brilliants sound fun, but only if they rework the energy system. I'm barely able to collect energy. It shouldn't be limited to only 75. Pokeballs are not limited like that either. =/

  7. Brilliants is a stupid idea. There's no purpose to getting ANY of the foundables outside of the strange narrative the game is trying to tell us. I've been playing for days, and I'm sick of clicking on Gobstones for the millionth time. The only mechanic that feels like a game is the fortresses, but then you're up against depleting spell energy garbage.

  8. Yaasssss!!!! They need to add a buddy or pet. Also for the greenhouses if you plant something you shouldn't have to go back to the greenhouse to collect whatever you grew.

  9. I don’t think the brilliant events are equivalent to shinies. Even if it was, it would be kind of lame. Shinies should just be for Pokémon. I’m actually pleasantly surprised by how different this game is from pogo. I find traces more interesting that throwing pokeballs, and fortress battles more fun and interesting than gyms and pvp combined. I’m also a huge fan of soloing when I want to.

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