LEGO Harry Potter 2019 The Knight Bus & Advent Calendar Set Pictures!

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What do I do on this channel?
– I do LEGO reviews, stop motions, news, mocs, top 10’s and other LEGO related stuff!

When did you get into LEGO?
-I’ve basically been into LEGO my whole life (since I was like 6). My only dark age was like mid 2015 to mid 2017.

Where do you come from?
-I come from Denmark, that is why my english isn’t that great, but I am learning!

So, what is your favorite LEGO themes?
-Mostly licensed themes. There are 7 themes that i REALLY care for, being Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter/Fantatic Beasts, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Pirates of the Caribbena, Marvel and DC. But I also enjoy other stuff!

What is your top 5 LEGO sets ever!?!?!?
-That would probably be the Batcave from 2006 at number one, with the Temple Escape from Indiana Jones right behind that, then Hogwarts Castle 2011 version, Tower of Orthanc, UCS Falcon.. God there are so many great sets!

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