LEGO Harry Potter 2019 Knight Bus Review! Set 75957!

MandRproductions full review of the 2019 LEGO Harry Potter Knight Bys, set 75957! The set includes the Shrunken Head in LEGO form, three Minifigures from the scene in the Harry Potter Movie, and plenty of fun details!

MandR Builds the LEGO harry Potter 75957 Knight Bus –
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48 Replies to “LEGO Harry Potter 2019 Knight Bus Review! Set 75957!”

  1. My dad bought me this set because I had a good school report

    I definitely recommend it because it’s relatively easy to build and the figures are great especially Ernie prang and Stan shunpike

    And at 3:22 you are missing a dark grey cheese wedge to the right of the grille/numberplate

  2. 3:09 Dude, don't be biased about Lego of all things. Don't just assign stereotypes like that. My sister loves Legos and Harry Potter too, and I think many more share this view. Just an FYI, dude.

  3. Honestly, this thing feels smaller than the first after seeing it at the Lego Shop, it's not bad at all, it looks great compared to it at a good value, but it's smaller than I expected. Like the other sets in this theme, a Must Buy, though I might bricklink a second Stan head for him in the Deathly Hallows where he's cursed into joining the Death Eaters ,

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