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Hello Witches and Wizards, HallowsWright95 here and in this video. we take a look at the details surrounding the leaked Harry Potter RPG as well as explore some potential evidence that quantifies the game’s existence!

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• Leaked Harry Potter RPG Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NhcSFsx9vk&list=PLkMpGWcf86MSrmfIE5ojIze7X975KAaH6

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  1. Avalanche just posted a job opening (like a week ago) for a senior designer, responsible to assist with character movement and animation.
    That is the type of work you do half way through development, so I think a reveal next month at E3 followed by a release date of Spring 2020 seems more likely every day. 🙂
    btw, nice catch on the photo of the female character being on the wall.
    And at the guy painting the Cars 3 artwork, that left pic really looks like people dressing up during the victorian era, and wizards always dress up like that so…ehehe.

  2. If all is true that we can be evil as well then i hope we can use the unforgivable curses but i do hope if we can actually use avada kedavra at any point i hope that there will be some sort of cooldown time for avada kedavra cause i mean imagine using avada kedavra every time without stopping it wouldn be difficult at all i hope maybe a cooldown time of 1 minute at least

  3. Im gonna be slythering and i dont hope we get to see dumbledore he wasnt even born then so that would be a big mistake i hope they have good fact checkers

  4. Slowly but surely more information my god i hope this rpg is real if it is im gonna pre order it the moment you can pre order it never been this happy and unpatient for a game

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