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Hello ladies and gentlemen, HallowsWright95 here. In this video, I take a microscope to the character creation screen, the actions we will be able to perform and the abilities our character will have!

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Heyy guys, Hallows here and welcome to the channel! Thanks for stopping by and watching this video, by doing so you’ve already helped the channel to grow and officially begun your journey into the strange and magical world of my channel.

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I offer a unique variety of content that usually revolves around Minecraft and/or J.K.Rowling’s Wizarding World with a smattering of other topics sprinkled in along the way.

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Yes, my friend, you read correctly. I have a HUGE variety of Wizarding World content coming to the channel through 2019 and beyond. From product reviews such as Noble Collection and Funko to theory and speculation videos, to let’s plays of the Harry Potter gaming world and so much more.

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They did indeed! I used to do Minecraft Jurassic World and Mod Reviews but now my Minecraft content varies. From the sprawling plains of my 1.14 survival series to my inspired builds from the Wizarding World, the epic and long-awaited Dunswell Zoo and plenty more.

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Well that depends, currently it includes Planet Zoo, Funko POP videos, Product Reviews, and my general discussion and chat videos but if anyone has any ideas, feel free to suggest 😀

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  1. For the job thing I’m thinking you could do jobs for people something like the Harry Potter and the older of the Phoenix game so you can buy Potion ingredients or something

  2. I really hope that this game is next-gen only, since current hardware is pretty limiting in terms of specs and I need this game to be the best it can be, even if I have to wait som more time.

  3. It would be more than great to see the game on E3 but I much prefer to take longer and be excellent than come out sortly and be incomplete! I just hope it's in the making.

  4. I hope that the character customizations are editable throughout the game. For example, if you decide along the way to become evil, access to change to a more evil appearance through hair colour and shape would be beneficial.

  5. I won't be too surprised if WB doesn't host Magic Awakened in this year's E3. It would probably show later on when development is fully finished. Hopefully we'll be able to receive some new information though.

  6. 11:53 , I really love this how your breaking it down and it really helps me as all of these videos are coming down quickly and I think you should continue about the game and I’m so hyped about what will happen next.

  7. Someone found 3 different Warner bros game placeholders on amazon 1 game was releseing on xbox, switch, and ps4 so one title is probably that lego starwars game but the other 2 have the possibility of being this game and i heard that at the Warner bros booth at e3 they were going to be showing off 3 games. Join
    r/HPMagicAwakned its a subreddit dedicated to this game

  8. When the leak came out they also said in the description that there were 8 different wizard types so what you thought were hair styles were probably where you pick what type of wizard you want to be there's a group of around 730 people dedicated to this on reddit the subreddit is called

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