Leaked Harry Potter RPG: 10 Details You Need To Know

Last week we saw a leaked trailer for an untitled Harry Potter RPG. It almost broke the internet. Warner Bros went on a takedown spree, and now we’re convinced it’s real. We’ve heard a little more about this title since then, so let’s give you the lowdown. #HarryPotterRPG

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44 Replies to “Leaked Harry Potter RPG: 10 Details You Need To Know”

  1. It doesn't look like we're going to get this, but I wish the magic system used a "glyph" or movement system, where you either have to "draw" a specific shape or just move the wand in a specific way to use your wand. So that if you make a zigzag movement it gives one kind of spell, and if you make a circular movement, you perform another one.

  2. I hope that this is like skyrim with lots of quests and choices and hope you can turn into a vampire or warewolf. And that you can use unforgivables and be in any house you want.

  3. I really hope this game is real because Harry Potter is my favourite thing in the whole world. If there's a franchise that warrants an open world RPG, it's Potter. And the information surrounding this game makes it sound like a great expansion of the lore and the best possible interactive experience.

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