Harry Potter- The Hidden Meaning Behind: The Golden Snitch

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In this video I attempt to explain how the ancient symbol of Behdty relates to the golden snitch from the quidditch game in the Harry Potter series. And How its meaning made JK Rowling one of the most prominent writers in this century.

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4 Replies to “Harry Potter- The Hidden Meaning Behind: The Golden Snitch”

  1. I remember learning about that symbol in class, but it was never truly clear what it meant but now I think I understand it better thanks to you! I am a proud subscriber and if you're a potterhead you should sub too!!

  2. great content but it'd be great if your tone is not so..blan? I'm not trying to be rude here and really just want to give you some suggestions since your videos are giving information pretty much like a presentation, monotone is really a big no-no. Even the info you're giving is interesting but because the way you present it, it sorta kills the interest.

  3. Great video Andrew! Honestly I don’t know how to feel about Snape yet, maybe when I finish with the books it will make me want to like him, this is a huge improvement in quality from your previous videos, I cannot wait to see where you end up in a few years!

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