Harry Potter in 99 Seconds

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71,160 seconds to 99.

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0:01 Hedwig’s Theme
0:12 Mr. Longbottom Flies
0:22 Prologue
0:32 Aunt Marge’s Waltz
0:47 Buckbeak’s Flight
1:00 Double Trouble
1:19 The Face of Voldemort
1:29 Hedwig’s Theme

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48 Replies to “Harry Potter in 99 Seconds”

  1. I often think what it would have been like, if I wouldnt have known anything about Harry Potter before I read the books. As an example I would have probably been surprised by the fact that Snape is the half-blood prince, but now I was just like "HARRY, how stupid are you?! Can't you realise that it's Snape" (even tho, yes it wasn't clear at all that the half-blood prince was Snape)

  2. Tom Riddle doesn't own the chamber or the snake? I guess he may have inherited the snake? But not the chamber he just opened that shit. Salazar Slytherin created that shit but i guess he's dead so does he technically own it anymore? hmm why do i care anyway

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