[Harry Potter CMV] || Jily || Chasing Cars

Hi ! It has almost been three years since we first tried to film a Jily CMV but we changed so much since those years (makeup, cosplay, camera, wig, lightning and editing…) so we really wanted to give it a try again ! This was a long journey but “finger crossed”, we hope you’ll like the final result !
Have a great day and see you soon,

-Yui and Kasen

SONG : Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol

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20 Replies to “[Harry Potter CMV] || Jily || Chasing Cars”

  1. J'adore tellement tout se que vous faits (。-_-。)
    Vous avais un lien unique ses se qui fais votre forces continuez ( ^ω^ )
    Vos vidéo son magnifique comme toujours
    Je vous adores (OvO)

  2. Bwaah je vais pleurer :'(
    Et je ne m'attendais pas au vrai bébé Potter, mon petit cœur va exploser :'(
    Magnifique CMV en tous cas ! Très poétique et doux <3 <3 <3

  3. This is adorable! You included so many great moments, and oh my god, baby! And then the ending was absolutely brutal. I also loved that you included Peter so much in the happy parts, because that makes the betrayal so much worse. :')

  4. I see so many characters and only 2 people doing cosplay, you are amazing <3, by the way I loved the video like everyone else 😀

  5. very nice video it tells the story of the parents of harry and how he was killed and I cross betrayal I loved and it is touching bravo to you two for the roles I support you to both 😍😢😭🤧❤

  6. Stupid YouTube 🙄.
    This is so cute 😍😍Lysm 😍😍it's CATFABULOUS 😂😂
    U two r cute af ♥️💖💖♥️💖♥️💖♥️💖♥️💕♥️💖

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