Harry Potter and the JK Rowling Problem

J.K Rowling needs to be stopped before it’s too late,
Harry Potter doesn’t deserve this.

First main channel project in awhile, hopefully it was worth the effort and you enjoy!

Also thanks to Vega for helping with the end screen, be sure to check his stuff out:

Endgame: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcMBFSGVi1c
jk rowling these days: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKxpwlKRQ2U&t=2s

All tweets/articles included in the video are parody and created/exaggerated for comedic effect. (Apart from the first one shown)

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50 Replies to “Harry Potter and the JK Rowling Problem”

  1. JK Rowling won't stop ruining my childhood so I decided to put this meme together. First main channel project in awhile that isn't a meme comp, hopefully you enjoy!
    Be sure to smash like or JK Rowling will turn your mom gay. Thanks legends 🦆

  2. Hi guys, I'm from the future.
    I just wanted to let you know that in my timeline J.K. Rowling reveals us that Harry Potter actually coexists with the Marvel universe, therefore turning half the universe gay and solving overpopulation.

  3. So, let me get this straight. You have more right to say what a character in a book should be – than the person who created it.

    Why do I feel you have other motives here – why not tell people openly?

  4. Haha I just ignore her, the lore is what it written in the books and what I choose it to be :p. Love that she's become a meme through this though!

  5. instead of actually engaging with gay or black people, this woman just recreates her characters. this is what makes her so false. if she wanted to bring in gay people, which is completey fine, she could have done that. nowhere in the books or movies is a single hint about anyone being gay. if hermione was black all the time, why is it so hard to actually mention it, or having a black girl for the moviecast at least. she just lazily sits in her home and thinks she‘s somehow a good person by calling everyone gay. this lack of real action in contrast of her selfbaptizing is just ridiculous.

  6. Bruh when the Avengers trailer started playing I died!!! I love Marvel so much and have memorized all the dialogue in the trailer so I just sat here for a minute reciting Avengers dialogue to a HP video and I think I hate myself 😂

  7. Professor Snape was a Muslim immigrant from Syria.
    He brought a new incantation with him; Everytime you say the words, "Allah Akbar." You blow up an airport in Europe.

  8. Look I get she supports gay rights, heck I'm gay, but like, to shove it in people's faces like that and make others feel uncomfortable about a thing they love isnt the way to go…I just feel like that okie

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