Gilderoy Lockhart | Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Wizards and witches from far and wide come to Flourish and Blotts for Gilderoy Lockhart’s book signing.

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48 Replies to “Gilderoy Lockhart | Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”

  1. Tbh I feel for Draco in this scene, he’s just so jealous of the positive fame that Harry gets for walking into a bookshop and I think he wishes he could have that reputation

  2. I love the fact that in this, instead of Gilderoy giving Harry one book for free (like in the book), he gives him all of his works for free.

  3. I like the way Hermione is always happy for Potter, good to see a friend who is content with what they have and no need to envy another. .does it happen in the world

  4. I admire Sir Kenneth. The character of Gilderoy Lockhart is so vain. I often ask myself thanks to Cinemasins when he became defense against the dark arts teacher “if you’re a well known author and you’re this vain, why would you take a low paying job as a teacher at Hogwarts?”

  5. If you pay attention here there's a mistake in 0:12 and 0:14 in the first shot Ginny was looking at Harry and in the other shot Ginny was looking at Lockhart without turning around even Molly still brushing Harry. Do the editors just didn't notice it.

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