33 Replies to “Everything Wrong With Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2”

  1. Possible sin. 16:33, Voldemort & Harry apparate all over Hogwarts, crashing through walls, wood beams falling on them, then rolling when they hit the ground, BUT Harry’s glasses never fall off, don’t get broken, & look like they’re not even scratched. He’s dirty & beat up, but his glasses are clean & in good viewing shape. Magic glasses?

  2. Oh and Draco and Harry are getting married so…. yeah … real life cosplay shit. In Orlando. Anyone has a problem bite me! Peace out… SLYTHERIN LOVES GRYFFINDOR

  3. AVADA could-hug-ya ex machina this… thanks for making me laugh
    …. "VOLDEMORT allows this" why isn't this asshole 3000 miles away… goddamn it… can't count the laughs

  4. They have to you know who because his name is jinxed. I like CinemaSins I watch them all but when sin things incorrectly due to not paying attention it's irritating and it's cheapens the whole thing

  5. 2:51
    I was confused about this as well but the reason that they didn't present Bellatrix's wand was because the Goblin people knew that it had been stolen at malfoy Manor in deathly hallows part 1….so if Hermione had presented Bellatrix's wand then the Goblins would have known that they were imposters because the real Bellatrix had her wand stolen by Harry and the Goblins knew this..
    Love your videos BTW ❤️❤️😁😁

  6. At 4:28 when you said that they keep saying You-Know-Who well there is an explanation:

    In Part 1 when they were in the cafe and the death eaters came Harry said “Voldemort” which allowed them to track him.
    So Voldemort would be able to track them and capture them if Harry said it at 4:27

  7. You ever think about how when Harry's kid is worried about being in slytherin Harry brings up Severus Snape, know death eater and has questionable morality rather than "I killed voldemort and the hat wanted to put me in slytherin so obviously slytherin doesn't equal evil." idk, I just hate everything about the 19 years later bs

  8. This video pisses me off because many of the points you make in this video are either you stretching them as far as you can or just plain stupid as many of them have simple answers that anyone who’s watched them all once will understand. My opinion chill out.

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