Dumbledore's Army – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix [HD]

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  1. Three questions: one, if the master of the Elder Wand was holding his ordinary wand from Ollivander's, and someone attacked and fired "Reducto" on it, would they become the new master of the Elder Wand? By destroying the master's magical weapon, they'd have made the master unarmed and defenseless, and perhaps defeated. Two, if one used "Levicorpus" on the master to hang them upside down, would they have won the Elder Wand. I call suspending someone by their ankles a defeat. And three, doesn't anyone find it odd that NONE of the Slytherins would join D.A.? Now I know what you're thinking–they're Slytherins; they hate Harry or are Death Eaters' children. Okay, that's true, but think of it like this–ALL of the Slytherins are against Harry and unwilling to join him? Now that is a bizarre and unrealistic coincidence. Why would ALL the Slytherin oppose Harry and D.A.? Wouldn't there be at least ONE Slytherin who is interested in fighting for Dumbledore and justice and defeating the Dark Lord?

  2. Now wait a minute. Would Patil's wand change its allegiance to Neville after he disarmed her? Any reasonable answer to that might apply to the aftermath of Draco's first wand after Harry disarmed him. If Patil's wand did change allegiance, it would be kinda complex to revert the condition as one would lose their wand either way.

  3. Sharing random stuff time
    In French, the "Diminuendo" spell doesn't exist, there's really one spell to turn things smaller, and it is "Reducto". Just telling this to point out something : here, Ginny making the dummy explode is badass but it only shows that her "Reducto" is strong. Now imagine how powerful it is when she intended to just turn the dummy smaller but actually blows it up !

  4. After the series ended, it was revealed that Neville became a Professor under Headmistress McGonagall, a teacher who always believed in him.

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