The Best Thing About “Fantastic Beasts” Is the Four Main Characters

The Best Thing About "Fantastic Beasts" Is the Four Main Characters

After watching the first two Fantastic Beasts films, I have fallen completely, irrevocably in love with Newt, Tina, Queenie, and Jacob, and I don’t think I can ever go back.


Jacob Kowalski



Jacob Kowalski is a good man, a brave fighter, a loyal friend, and an excellent baker. Most importantly, Jacob is one of us. Like many Potter fans, Jacob was just going through the motions of his mundane Muggle life when one day, he discovered a magical new world and decided he never wanted to leave it. Jacob’s wide-eyed wonder and astonishment throughout the first film is so relatable to every Potter fan who wants nothing more than to be a wizard.

One of the best things about Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was the fast friendship between Jacob and Newt. Jacob trusts Newt to guide him through the unknown magical world and Newt turns to Jacob for advice about Tina. Together, they make a brilliant pair. Jacob’s genuine love for Queenie and the fact that he understands her when Newt and Tina do not also make his character endearing. Jacob is sweet, funny, and reliable, and despite being caught up in a world he barely understands, he is the most rational and clearheaded of the four main characters. I hope he gets to stick around in the wizarding world for a long time.


Queenie Goldstein



Queenie Goldstein captured my heart in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Queenie is warm and vibrant, gentle and kind. From the beginning, she is established as a highly expressive person who readily forms strong bonds with others. Queenie is openly emotional where those around her tend to be more reserved, and as a Legilimens, she feels the emotions of others as deeply as if they were her own. Because of her abilities, she can be a great source of support and comfort to Tina, Jacob, and Newt. But as we saw in Crimes of Grindelwald, they were not able to be the same for her.

It was not surprising to me that Queenie’s increasing desperation and frustration with her situation would eventually lead her to Grindelwald’s side. It would surprise me, however, if she stayed there permanently. I don’t think Queenie is evil, but I think she feels misunderstood and abandoned. I hope Queenie eventually sees Grindelwald’s true nature and makes it back to her friends and family intact.


Newt Scamander



Newt Scamander is sheer Hufflepuff perfection. Newt is brilliant, open-minded, hardworking, and kindhearted above all. Newt’s dominant trait is compassion, which is a refreshing quality to see in a male lead. The tenderness he shows toward the creatures in his care is genuinely moving. We learn in Crimes of Grindelwald that Newt despises people who would react to the unknown with violence rather than patience and understanding. All he wants is for people to be kinder to one another and to the magical creatures with whom they share their world.

Though he labels himself a misfit, Newt has a real knack for understanding people as well as animals. For example, Newt initially did not trust Tina, but when they were arrested at MACUSA, Newt did not harbor any resentment toward her. Even though she was the one who brought them there, Newt understood immediately that it was only because she desperately wanted her job back and that she had never meant for any of this to happen.

Newt is the perfect hero for the Fantastic Beasts films. As Dumbledore says, Newt does not seek power but simply asks if a thing is right, and if it is, he does it without hesitation. Though he has no obligation to do so, Newt steps up in the fight against Grindelwald because he is a good man. He just wants to build a kinder, more accepting world.


Tina Goldstein



Tina Goldstein is my favorite character of the core four. People tend to find her irritating or useless, but to me, Tina is brilliant, beautiful, and a total badass. Like the middle head of the Runespoor, Tina is a visionary. She is the only Auror we have met so far who seems to understand that her job is to protect vulnerable people. She exhibits patience and compassion on the job rather than fear and violence as her colleagues might. Underneath her social awkwardness and often harsh exterior, Tina has a huge heart.

When Tina is fired for protecting Credence, doing exactly what she thinks Aurors are supposed to do, she focuses solely on getting her job back. She brings Newt in, she is turned away, Newt escapes her, and she brings him in again, determined to make her boss take her seriously and clearly not expecting things to escalate so quickly. When they do, she makes it clear she is on Newt’s side and spends the rest of the film helping him protect his creatures and Credence from harm. In Crimes of Grindelwald, Tina once again does everything she can to find Credence so she can protect him from those who would harm him. Honestly, Tina Goldstein is exactly the kind of person I want to be.

james and remus both being trans boys and helping each other…

james and remus both being trans boys and helping each other...

james and remus both being trans boys and helping each other with their dysphoria. james gets his dad to buy remus binders and shares his clothes with remus because he knows remus’s parents aren’t very rich and can’t afford things to help remus transition. he even lends money to remus so he can afford his t shots. remus figuring out spells to relieve dysphoria and to help them pass better as male and sharing them with james.

harry potter confessions.

harry potter confessions.

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Since I’ve read “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen, I can’t help myself but comparing Lily Evans to Elizabeth Bennet and James Potter as Fitzwilliam Darcy. Both couple had to see above their own pride and prejudice against each other to be together. Because let’s face it they got the same evolution.

Crimes of Grindelwald: DVD 7 Minutes?

Crimes of Grindelwald: DVD 7 Minutes?

As you can see to the left, ‘Univers Harry Potter,’ a French fan site has tweeted the scene coupee or deleted scenes we’ll be seeing in the DVD of Crimes of Grindelwald coming out in February, 2019, as a download and in March as a disc. These ten scenes may or may not be the extra ‘seven minutes’ of running time this version is reported to have; usually a Deleted Scenes’ package is a DVD ‘extra’ that is separate from the running film. Whether the cut scenes are integrated or not, they will provide us with a much better idea of what the actual shooting script was, i.e., what Rowling wrote and her collaborators agreed to shoot before their editing the daylights out of her story in the cutting room, because none of these scenes appear in the published Original Screenplay. This screenplay-book is with important exceptions (black vs blue Grindelwald fiendfyre, etc.) mostly the film-as-cut transcript.

So what have we got?

It looks like we’re getting two scenes from the end of the first film as starters, those depicting Credence’s survival of the attack from the MACUSA Aurors in the NYC subway and his boarding the boat to Europe, perhaps in the company of Circus Arcana. David Heyman told us about those scenes soon after the first movie was released.

The next eight scenes are: ‘Newt’s Basement,’ ‘Ballroom Dance,’ ‘Tina and Skender,’ ‘Murmuration,’ ‘Newt and Jacob walk to Yusuf Kama’s,’ Nagini and Credence in an Alley,’ and ‘Dumbledore and McGonagall.’

We already have a scene in ‘Newt’s Basement,’ but it seemed to have been shoe-horned in to provide us with a Niffler set-up to pay-off at the finish and to introduce Newt’s menagerie and devoted helper. I hope we get a better idea of why these scenes were introduced in the revealed parts that were deleted; if not, we’ll have to assume the Kelpie will return in FB3 or FB4.

‘Ballroom Dance’ was featured in the trailers and promises to give us a better idea of Leta Lestrange’s internal struggles vis a vis her feelings for Newt and Theseus and her possible role in the Grindelwald-Dumbledore conflict.

‘Tina and Skender’ promises an extended confrontation between the MACUSA Auror and the owner of Circus Arcana. All we got in the film was a short exchange about Credence in scene 45.

The next four scenes? No ideas, really. I don’t recall pictures of them in the trailers or mention of them in interviews with the players and film makers. Check out the list of the deleted scenes we know about and ask yourself: why won’t they give us these scenes that they shot from Rowling’s shooting script?

To which scenes, you might add one more: the twitter account ‘Fantastic Beasts Film Series’ tells us that the book Crimes of Grindelwald Movie Magic says “297 wands were stolen from the shop of wandmaker Cosme Acajor during the film. Could this be another deleted scene? Is that why we’ve seen the inside of the shop but not on-screen?” (Hat tip to Kelly for the deleted scenes tip and the tweet news.)

I’m guessing Fantastic Fandom is going wild with speculation about ‘Murmuration,’ et cetera. I think I can wait until the downloadable DVD is available. But feel free to share your thoughts about the deleted scenes and the bizarreness of not being able to get an honest copy of the shooting script, the Rowling text for Crimes of Grindelwald.

I was always disappointed with Fenrir Greyback. He’s built up as…

I was always disappointed with Fenrir Greyback. He’s built up as this absolutely terrifying monster stalking the shadows, a budding cult leader who uses his victims against their own society. But as soon as he’s actually introduced, he’s swiftly demoted to basic Death Eater wannabe grunt. Also, I’ve always wondered why he even wanted to work with Voldemort in the first place; Greyback’s end goal is a world with more werewolves than not, and Voldemort’s is a world where every non-pureblood is dead or enslaved. What on earth did Greyback think he was going to get out of that deal? Either he was bewitched, or he was incredibly stupid. 


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harry potter confessions.

harry potter confessions.

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People say all of HP fandom at least agrees on Umbridge being trash, but I have literally seen an Umbridge-sympathiser fic where Harry was presented as in the wrong for not ~giving her a chance~ or seeing things from her POV. It was a Drarry fic too, which I think says everything there possibly is to say about that ship.